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General Terms and Conditions

All agreements and offers are subject to the following conditions. By making a booking and/or accepting services, you are agreeing to these terms. Deviating terms are non-binding, even if we do not clearly explicitly disagree with them.

Contract conclusion

Our offers are subject to change. We reserve the right to turn down requests. The offer becomes binding once the contract parties have agreed upon the main contract content. This can happen by email, telephone, or at the beginning of the meeting.


The prices shown are in euros and include the legal VAT. In addition to the fees, our models will invoice fees covering necessary travel. The prices can be found on the page labeled “Fees”. All expenses accruing during the date (hotel stay, food, drinks, entrance fees, etc.) are to be covered by the client.

Payment terms

Unless otherwise stated, payment takes place in cash and in advance. Arrangements spanning several days, or involving travel expenses, require an advance deposit constituting 30% of the overall total. Transfers are to be made to the Capital Bridge® account or using Western Union. The receipt of the money by Capital Bridge® is decisive in determining the timeliness.

Contract cancellation

The client will not be charged as long as the booking is cancelled at least 12 hours in advance (for longer and previously booked reservations). Any deposits will be returned. If the contract is cancelled within 12 hours of the appointment, a cancellation fee of €100 will be charged. If the services are used at a later point these €100 euros can be used towards the total fees. If travel fees had already been accrued then these will be deducted.

Capital Bridge® is committed to fully satisfying the contractually agreed upon services and the clients expectations. In the case that a model should not be able to keep an appointment due to an important reason – sickness, accident, urgent family matter (death or sickness of a family member) – Capital Bridge® will suggest a replacement or, if possible, arrange a new appointment. The client has the right to decline the replacement or new appointment. In this case the contract is void.

Extension or termination during an ongoing appointment

If you would like to extend your appointment, we ask you to discuss this with the model on-site first. If an extension is possible, the model will get in touch with Capital Bridge®. The payment regulations listed above apply to the additional fees for the extension.

Every model can terminate a meeting without any time restrictions if the meeting is disrupted with an ongoing effect. This is particularly the case concerning intoxication due to alcohol or drugs, violence, forcing of services not agreed upon, or an unkempt appearance. The same applies if the client behaves contrary to the contract, especially if the client changes the meeting point or agreed upon location without discussing it with the agency, if the client arrives later than 30 minutes, or if the payment is not made according to the terms.

In all these above mentioned cases the client has no claim for compensation. If part of the contract has already been fulfilled, then the full total of fees is to be paid. If the client withdraws before any services are rendered, a cancellation fee of €100 is due. Capital Bridge® will refund any other deposits made by the client in this case, but has the right to bill the client for any possible fees already accrued.